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Ultimo Public School YEAR 6 students


Harris Community Scholarship

Ultimo Public School

Dear Year 6 Parents/Carers,

Year 6 students have the opportunity to apply for the Harris Community Scholarship, which assists with the cost of secondary and tertiary education.

This scholarship was established in 1990 by a group of local residents and businesses. Since 2014, Sydney Fish Market has generously assisted with the financial and operational support for the scholarship. One scholarship is awarded each year to a student in Year 6 proceeding to secondary education. Key considerations in the selection process are outstanding qualities demonstrated by a student who:

  • works cooperatively with other students, school groups and teachers
  • participates in sport, technology, environmental, creative and/or leadership activities
  • contributes to the cultural life of the school and their local community 
  • does their best to achieve well in all their studies

Students submit a short written application showing how they demonstrate the Key Values promoted by the school and supported by additional information about their achievements.  

From these applications, the School Principal and Year 6 teachers will prepare a the list of students to be interviewed. This will be done in consultation with panel members from the Harris Community Scholarship Fund. The selection panel consists of the President of the Harris Community Scholarship Fund (HCSF) and one or two members of the HCSF Committee representing local business and community organisations.

The successful student will receive a "one off" lump sum payment of $3,750 to assist with educational materials, activities or fees for their High School and or Tertiary Education. It is hoped that the winner of the HCSF chooses to undertake tertiary studies (Vocational Education or University). 2018 is the last year  that the scholarship will be offered to a Year 6 student at Ultimo PS. In future years, the Harris Community Scholarship Funds  will be used to further the work of the teachers and staff of Ultimo Public School to meet the outcomes of the School Plan 2018-2020. To find out more, go to

Applications close at 3:00 pm on Thursday 22nd November 2018.

Students should email their applications to Cathy Horan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applicants will be advised on Thursday 29 November 2018 about the interview.

Interviews will be held on TUESDAY 4th DECEMBER from 9:30 am to approx. 11:30am.

The scholarship recipient will be announced at UPS Presentation Day on Friday 14 Dec 2018.

Completing the Application form

Students are to use their own words to answer the questions listed on teh application form below and provide supporting information, which should include copies only of:

  •  Year 6 Mid-Year School Report  
  •  Certificates awarded for (Please provide only photocopies of your Awards)

       -   major school activities (e.g. Band, Choir, Sport)

       -   outside school activities (e.g. Sport, Language School, Piano, Dance, etc)

Please do not provide originals. A selection of Certificates/Awards is all that is required.

Presentation of the application

Students should pay particular attention to the presentation of their application.

Please ensure students include:

  •  a title page -complete Page 4 of this information package and attach a current school photo and  include their name, address, phone number, mobile number, email address Also complete the parent or guardian name and email and phone number.
  •  Answer the five questions on the Harris Community Scholarship Application form below  - students can type or handwrite their answers and attach this to their application.
  •  Provide supporting Evidence -certificates, reports, letters, websites, photos.
  • Students must write their name on each page of their application and number the pages.

Students are to return the application via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to hand in their application to the school office in a plastic sleeve or folder.

Thank you and I hope you will encourage your child to apply for the Harris Community Scholarship Fund.

Cathy Horan,President and Public Officer HCSF

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Harris Community Scholarship Application Form

For Year 6 students at Ultimo Public School

Please attach this page to the front page of your application

Your Name


Your address


Your email address:


Phone no.


Mobile no.


Parent or Guardian name




Please attach a current school photo

Please answer the following questions

  1. What are your favourite subjects at school and why?
  2. What activities or projects have you been involved with at school over the past two years?
  3. How have you been able to help other students and your teachers at school?
  4. How have you engaged with your local community or a particular recreational or social group outside of school?
  5. What are you looking forward to at High School?

You can write or type as much as you like, but make sure you answer each question. It must be in your own words.

Please provide supporting information such as copies of your:

  • Year 6 Mid-Year School Report
  • Certificates awarded for Major school activities (e.g. Band, Choir, Sport, Library Monitor, etc) and Outside school activities (e.g. Sport, Language School, Piano, Dance, helping family or neighbours, community etc )

Please do not provide originals. A selection of these is all that is required, not all of them.

Applications close at 3.00 pm on Thursday 22nd November 2018.

Students are to  email their application to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if unable to email, students are to hand in their application in a plastic folder to the school office.

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2017 Scholarship winner




 IMG 2915 LolaandParents 2017 HCSF winner smallIMG 2913 Lola2017 MW M.Lawrence small

                                         Lola Tanchitsa won the 2017 Harris Community Scholarship Fund (HCSF) Award and holds the HCSF shield with her parents

                                               and with Margaret Wood, Patron HCSF and Michelle Lawrence, Vice President of HCSF representing Ultimo Public School P&C Committee


                                                                                                                                                 2016 Scholarship winner


                                                                                                                                                Aston Bailey Fong winner HCSF in 2016

                                                                    Aston Bailey-Fong won the Harris Community Scholarship Fund (HCSF) Award in 2016

           and holds the HCSF shield with Cathy Horan, HCSF President and Stephanie Williams, Vice President of Communications and representative of Sydney Fish Market





                                                                                                                                             2015 Scholarship winner

Stephanie 2016 Presenting award to Ian small Stephanie Williams and Ian Young PresentationHCSF 2016 small

                                                 Stephanie Williams, HCSF Vice President of Communications and representative of Sydney Fish Market along with Rod Horan from the HCSF Committee,                                                                                                                                                                              present the shield and certificates to Year 6 students  at Ultimo Public School.

                                                                               This year Ian Young won the HCSF Award and holds the HCSF Shield with Stephanie Williams.


                                                  2014 Scholarship winner                             2013 Scholarship winner

                                     HCSF 2014 Dyllan and Cathy3                                                              Kyle McIntyre


Dylan Waldron won the Harris Community Scholarship Fund (HCSF) Award in 2014                                   Kyle McIntyre won the Harris Community Scholarship Fund (HCSF) 

           and holds the HCSF shield with Cathy Horan, HCSF President                                                           "One Off Award' in 2013.


The HCSF Award winners from 1990 to 2018 are listed below.

1990 Marc Richard Falzon

1991 Kristie Ellen Stamford

1992 Piotr Pawel Wawrzycnzny

1993 Hillier Kathleen Mackell

1994 Theresa Le

1995 Aimee Diane McLaren

1996 Jade Maree Woods

1997 Yu Xiang Li

1998 Benjamin Lee

1999 John Chan

2000 Yuri Zinenko

2001 Melissa Joan Broomhead

2002 Tim Pham

2003 Bonnie Kok and Tony Lu

2004 Kiki Wu

2005 Medha Sengupta and Ryan Gu

2006 De Yi Wu and Jason Yue

2007 Kevin Yue and Eddy Hughes

2008 Alan Chen and Yu Ying Mak

2009 Hardy Huang and Aitiana Kato

2010 Angelina Tchouechkova and Samiskha Shrivestava

2011 Monique Divine and Hans Sun

2012 Lexus Joubert and Madelline Poll

2013 Kyle McIntyre

2014 Dylan Waldron

2015 Ian Young

2016 Aston Bailey -Fong

2017 Lola Tanchista

2018 Tamaki Tague and  "HCSF 'One Off HCSF Awards' to Sean Paryani, Sabrina Chai and Jenna Lawrence

 "Congratulations to all these students who have completed their studies and our best wishes for those who are in the process of Secondary and Tertiary education".


2015 News  -Sydney Fish Market Breakfast and tour.

Our scholarship holders were treated with a Sydney Fish Market complementary Breakfast Tour on Friday 17 April, 2015. See the photographs of scholarship holders -Ryan, Alan, Samiksha and Dylan and their family on the tour 

Dylan at SFM tour 2015 Dylan with giant crab

Dylan and mother on SFM tourSFM group on tourHCSF SFM tour

Dylan  and his mother     Alex tour guide with                   Our 4 scholarship holders

                                    Dylan, Samiksha,  Ryan , Alan and father of Samiksha 

2015 News -Celebrating 25 Years of the Harris Community Scholarship Fund 

 25 years update 2015

At the  2015 AGM, Margaret Wood, President of HCSF made a presentaion to the Sydney Fish Market, who were part of the original HCSFcommunity members. The presentation was to commemorate  25years supporting Year 6 students  from Ultimo Public School through secondary to higher education.

Below is Margaret Wood ,HCSF President presenting the HCSF commemorative plaque to Stephaine Williams, SFM Corporate Social Responsibilty & External Relations Manager for their financial contribution and support of the HCSF. 

2nd SFM Presentaion


September 2014 -HCSF holders talk to Year 6 students at Ultimo Public School about how to apply for the scholarship

Photo No 1 at UPS talksPhoto No2 UPS 2014Photo 5a aftertalks 2014

Angelina & Samiksha above presenting their talks to year 6 Students at Ultimo Public School so they (UPS Y6 students) can prepare for secondary school and the chance to apply for our 2014 Harriis Scholarship Award.

The middle photo is Diane Jones UPS Assistant Principal and Cathy Horan HCSF Secretary, and the right-hand photo is Diane, Margaret, Samiksha & Angelina.

See below Angelina and Samiksha receiving books and cards from  Diane & Cathy

books and card presented



April 2014 Officeworks Glebe Store donated a HP Printer to the Scholarship Fund.  Raj, theStore Manager receives the HCSF Certificate of Appreciation  from Margaret Wood

Officeworks Glebe Raj


Launch of the Harris Community Scholarship Fund Web Site  

Harris Scholarship Community Fund launch of website on world wide web


It's Friday 14 September and here at Ultimo Public School we are waiting for the Harris Community Scholarship Fund (HCSF) website to 'go live'. We have acknowledged the Cadigal people, whose land we are on tonight. We are in the school library staring at the large smart board screen whilst Brett from BREAKOUT Media Communications launches the site into the world wide web. It's Brett's birthday so he is also celebrating the look and feel of the site which his group framed around the words of Margaret Wood.

Nic Accaria, the Principal of Ultimo Public School is here along with scholarship holders, their families and members of the HCSF Committee with President Margaret Wood who initiated the Scholarship to celebrate the Bi-Centenary 22 years ago. She also had the vision to get this website active for scholarship holders and to link up with local community groups, building networks and opportunities to participate in the life of the Scholarship ethos-investing in the future of young talented community minded achievers.

The site is now up and alive with a link to Facebook making it easy to keep in touch. The City of Sydney provided a Community Grant for developing the HCSF website and we are proud to be part of a city that supports young people and their communities.

The photos on this page are from the launch event.

Thank you to everyone who attended and assisted.

 Web launch photos

launch of Web 1   

web launch 8

web launch 5

web launch 7

web launch2

web launch 3