below were community minded people in many ways...

The educationalists that laid the foundation to community education in Pyrmont and Ultimo and who set the standards for the State and even perhaps the nation, t were community minded people on many social issues. 

NormanHenry & Elizabeth Selfe had 3 children Norman, Henry and Maybanke the family arrived in Australia from England in 1855 Norman 15 or 16 at the time. Norman destined to be the best than most any other leading person at the time. An apprenticed engineer in NSW in the following year the family arrived.

One of Selfe’s last actions on behalf of the Board was to arrange for the purchase of Ultimo House property on which the government would provide permanent facilities for the Technical College.


AndersonMaybanke Anderson’s life was published during 1988 in the book ‘200 Unsung Heroes & Heroines’ most people had never heard of her (like her brother Norman)

Maybanke contributed to Australian social history and made things happen. A great skill in networking , she was part of the first wave of feminism. She  lived in the Rocks, where Lance Kindergarten is, and influenced many other kindergartens, around Sydney. Pyrmont has the Maybanke Recreation Centre named after her.



Charlie Hackett had a street named after him in Ultimo.

An extract from Michael Mathews book 'Pyrmont Ultimo' will give you more information about him

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Charlie Hackett