In 2014,  Sydney Fish Market and the Harris Community Scholarship Fund formed a Memorandum of Understanding stating that from 2014, Sydney Fish Market

will provide financial and operational support for the HCSF. Stephanie Williams, Marketting and Public Relations manager for SFM has agreed to take a role on the HCSF Committee. 






 The Harris Community Scholarship Fund worked in partnership with the City of Sydney to develop the HCSF website through the Lord Mayor’s Community grants program. 





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The Harris Community Scholarship Fund liaises and works with Ultimo Public School to implement the scholarship process and funding.

Nic Accaria has stated that:

"The Harris Community Scholarship Fund (HCSF) has been a tradition at Ultimo Public School for many years. The school’s Presentation Day Ceremony features the awarding of a lucrative scholarship to two graduating year 6 students. The bursary affords recipients significant financial assistance throughout their secondary and tertiary education.

The fund’s patrons have developed its profile over twenty two years. Led by Margaret Wood, the HCSF is a dear friend and partner of our school community. It represents the school’s vision: ASPIRE – ACHIEVE – AMAZE. The idea that life’s journey is also one of continuous learning is embraced both by the school’s ethos and the philosophy behind the HCSF.

For the students, this prize becomes something beyond a monetary boost. It gifts the beneficiary an intangible gesture from the local community. It is a vote of confidence in the young person. The scholarship, because of its structure, provides impetus for the recipient to achieve longevity in their many years if high school and tertiary study. This encourages the student to remain committed, especially when there may be moments of difficulty.

At a recent function I met past winners of the award. Some had just started their secondary schooling. A few had completed university degrees and are now respected professionals in a variety of fields. The occasion hosted a cross section of scholars at each stage of their journey. This inspired in me a great deal of confidence in our community’s future. The investment provided by the scholarship has multiplied manyfold because these remarkable people are contributing immeasurably to our society.

The HCSF therefore remains the pinnacle of achievement at Ultimo Public School. Our wish is that the fund continues to grow and keeps giving our local students the opportunity to attain their potential.

- Nic Accaria, Ultimo Public School Principal