Pyrmont Bendigo Community Bank


Pyrmont Bendigo Community Bank has been a wonderful supporter of the HCSF and on two occasions, presented the HCSF cheques for S1,000 and $500 to support year 6 students from Ultimo Public School as they enter High School. Kiki Wu, a HCSF recipient in Year 10,  attended the Bendigo Bank Sponsorship Fund evening and with Margaret Wood, President of the HCSF accepted a cheque for $500.


Cathy Horan, Secretary of the HCSF, was delighted to accept a cheque for $1,000 to assist Harris Community Scholarship holders to meet the costs of text books and additional expenses such as camps, school fees and uniforms. Each time a scholarship holder recieves their annual award money over a period of 9-12 years, they are reminded of their talents and involvement in Community activities. The Harris Community Scholarship is given to those students in year 6 at Ultimo Public School for their engagement with the school curriculum, as well as their ability to help others in their community.



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