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The HCSF Committee provides a financial scholarship to one student from Year 6 at Ultimo Public School(UPS).  In 2014, Dylan Waldron was awarded the Harris Community Scholarship. Dylan will recieve financial support for the next nine years as he progresses through High School and on to University or Tertiary studies. He was presented with the HCSF scholarship award at the UPS on Presentaion Day 


See photos of Dylan recieving his Scholarship Award  with his Mother, HCSF representatvie,Sydney Fish Market Representative, UPS Principal and Teachers along with his runner ups to the 2014 HCSF  scholarship award. 

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    Being a scholarship holder opens many   doors

Here's what HCSF recipents say in their annual reports 

 Medha WP2

Medha Sengupta : Elected in 2005.

Medha received the HSCF in 2006 and has just finished her second year of University Degree. She involves herself in not just academic work, but is a volunteer with SAIL that helps asylum seekers with their literacy and works as a volunteer with the Sydney Writers festival. Read more about Medhas voluntary and academic work Read more

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Ryan Gu : Elected in 2005.

Ryan has complete his second year of Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University. He is anticipating a ‘notoriously rigorous third year of studies’ next year. He is fully engaged with the profession by being part of the team that produced the student magazine for Actuarial students.

He is also a founding member of MUSO, the Macquarie University Symphony Orchestra. In Ryan’s words , 2013 was ‘immersive’. Read more

YuYing flag

YuYing Mak: Elected in 2008.

“In 2012, I accepted an exchange program to Finnland” says YuYing Mak and she talks in her report about-wonderful family; Icelandic horses; sharing culture and way of living; -30 degrees Celsius; trips to Spain learning through games and to the Czech Republic understanding what it means to have a disability-‘all eye opening and made me want to apply in 2013 to the Duino High School in Italy a United World College of the Adriatic.

“There are 190 students from over 90 countries at this school-“as International as you can get” says YuYing, who obtained her International Baccalaureate Diploma. Here students “ are open about what they think and their ideas, which promotes discussion and self discovery”. The HCSF ‘helped me to get where I am now” Read the full story Read more

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Samiksha Shrivastava : Elected in 2010.

Samiksha was involved in her year nine classwork and fundraising. She dissected animal organs, wrote essays,  learnt Trigonometry and elected to study Mandarin, Textiles technology and Philosophy, as well as sung in the choir and played table tennis. She also joined in the Women’s collective and SHOUT For those who can’t. Read more

Angelina Tchouechava

Angelina Tchouechkova : Elected in 2010.

Angelina is at Hunters Hill High School and completed the Duke of Edinburgh Educational program in 2013. During this program, Angelina  learnt First Aid, being a volunteer a the ‘God Start learning Childcare centre in Lane Cove, and now she is learning a guitar – all part of the Bronze level.

In 2014 , Angelina will progress to Silver level I the Duke of Edinburgh Program and join in debating. She loved her time night camping  and hiking with all the participants. Read more Read more